A dedicated server is, in addition, called managed servers, which will be chiefly owned and preserved with a specific firm. This type of server is not shared with others.  cheap dedicated servers   generally give complete control to the client. They got the freedom to decide on the program and hardware packages for the dedicated server. This makes them easy for the developers to execute their technologies. Typically, the hosting companies will provide all kinds of applications and hardware support for the dedicated servers so the client does not have to worry about anything.

Dedicated servers are widely used for data centers where the server hardware is owned by the suppliers. The server suppliers take good care of all types of maintenance and services for the client. The client can select from a broad range of choices for memory, hardware parts, support, security, operating system and other particular applications. Providers can take good care of matters like, firewall maintenance, intrusion detectiongpd, disaster recovery, security, data backup, monitoring server applications and other maintenance services. Hosting services also take good care of security of information of clients. A very big number of hosting services are offered on the internet.

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