Hats are comfortable and stylish accessory which is suitable for any occasion if selected accordingly. They are stylish to wear and offer protection from the sun.  bucket hat   is one of the cheapest and most popular hats used by men around the world. 5 panel caps were originated in the 80s among the cycling groups. Now, the 5 panel caps a necessary item for everyone. They are very cheap and can be used by both men and women.


The 5 panel caps are constructed with 5 pieces of the same material which are joined together by sewing. Each part is designed to comfortably sit in their region of head. This construction make a 5 panel hat extremely comfortable to be worn by everyone. Thousands of designs of 5 panel caps are available to purchase from online and other retail stores. Women specific designs are commonly available as well. They are mainly designed to worn on casual occasions.

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Styling, comfort and affordability made the 5 panel caps a favorite accessory for men around the world including famous athletes and celebrities. A 5 panel hat can change your looks dramatically as it is the most noticed accessory when worn. Get yourself a stylish and affordable 5 panel cap from Two Face today.