Call centers are places where differ types of telephone calls are made for purposes such as sales, marketing, customer services, technical support and other specific business activities. In a call center, trained representatives are fulfilling many of the tasks that are formerly done by an organization’s customer service. Rapid expansion of the internet and computer technologies helped call centers to handle a wide variety of services. Call centers can be implemented in a convenient location where initial expenditure and labour costs are less. An agent at a call center has a significant role because he/she is working on the ground to create and maintain a loyal relationship with each and every customer. It is very important that the agents need to be monitored once in a while to ensure quality in their work.

Third party   Call Center QA   services are often used by organizations to maintain a high level of quality standards in their call center jobs. These quality assurance services can evaluate every employee performances separately and ensure adherence to corporate procedures. It may be very hard for managers and team leaders to monitor each and every call occurring in a firm to ensure quality. However, a third party QA service can monitor behaviour of an agent and his/her performance.


Call Criteria is a professional QA call center service, which are is well experienced in monitoring calls and employee performance. They are employing experts to evaluate the skills and performances of each and every team member to assure quality and then suggest methods to improve. The callcriteria website can be a great help for many firms to know more about the firm and the works done by them.