A cold saw is a tool that is most used to cut ferrous and no ferrous materials. They are faster, economical, more precise and burr-free compared to band saws. The machine uses a circular saw to cut materials. Circular saws are equipped with electric motors and are available in fixed and portable variants. However, stationary cold saw models are the most commonly used versions for heavy duty works. A cold saw uses a solid steel saw blade. The rotating speed can be adjusted for maximum torque cutting a variety of materials. Straight and accurate cutting is guaranteed with these tools. The cold saw blade can be resharpened so that you can use it for prolonged periods. Thus reducing the cost replacing saw blades frequently. Fast, clean and precise cutting is the main advantage of using   chamfering machine .

As the name suggests, a cold saw would not develop too much heat while cutting metals. Automated, enclosed circular cold saw machines are identical for production runs and repetitive jobs. The saw blades can be swivelled to different angles to achieve cutting in different degrees. If you are planning to purchase and install a cold saw for your cutting needs, consider purchasing from Worldsaw, they are distributors of SOCO industrial machines in the USA. dfsThey are marketing high quality heavy duty circular cold saws for a variety of industrial cutting purposes. Saws are available as both manual and automated variants. These high end cutting machines have all the features of a cold saw. They are bur-free and equipped with self-centering vice to hold the material firmly in position and produces very less noise. SOCCO automated cold saws from Worldsaw can be programmed for the desired precision cutting for repetitive jobs. More information about the Worldsaw product line can be found on the worldsaw website.