The term Boho means Bohemian. The Boho chic is a unique female fashion style influenced from bohemian and hippie styles. The boho chic trend was started in the early 21st century. The style is a mixture of vintage, organic, colorful, detailed pieces with simple and modern pieces. People started to use this fashion style when actress Sienna Miller appeared in Bohemian style in a movie. Fashion designers started to work on this style to make new boho chic designs and the style became popular.

The Boho chic style conveys the attitude of a free spirited person with retro looks of early 70s fashion, more like hippie. Cloths are often made from materials like cotton, linen and beading. The cloths are made of layers, which looks easy. Boho chic style dresses are fun to wear, but not suitable for everyone. These dresses are ideal for people who prefer easy, breezy and free spirited looks.

Boho chic fashion is all about looking good and feeling good. The fabrics are usually made of natural materials.  Cotton and hemp are used very commonly because they feel nice against the skins. Many people choose   boho chic fashion    because they are concerned about the use environment friendly materials in their clothing. Comfort is key of Boho chic style. Flowing and baggy styles are the main attractions of Boho style. However, some people choose tighter clothing as well. There are no specific rules, the Boho fashion just follows some guidelines. Cheap Boho chic clothing is very popular in both the USA and UK.pos

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