The amino acid monomers linked by the peptide bonds to form short polymers is known as peptides. The peptides are different from proteins on the basis of the size. In a protein, there are more than 50 monomers present. However, in the case of a peptide, the number of monomers is less than 50. All these amino acids are bonded by the peptide bonds. In every living cell of the human body, peptides are present in various forms. They protect the cells from external injuries and attacks from bacteria and viruses. In the   bacteriostatic water   are used for clinical as well as medical purposes.



The peptides are used for the manufacture of anti-ageing creams. While the anti-ageing creams are applied to the external skin, the peptide present in the cream gets absorbed into the skin and helps to reduce patches and wrinkles present in the skin surface. It also helps to reduce the oil content present in the surface of the skin cells. The peptides can also be used for anti-microbial treatments. It helps to reduce the growth of fungus and bacteria on the surface of the skin cells. Almost all the metabolic activities in the human body requires peptides.



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