Cold saws are high precision cutting tools which can be used to cut a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The main advantages of   chamfering machine   are, fast, clean and precise cutting. These machines are highly economical, the saw blades can be sharpened over and over again to reuse it for a longer time period. This reduces the cost of frequent blade replacement. Cold saws are fast and highly accurate in cutting compared to other cutting tools like band saws. They produce less heat and less noise while cutting. Their high accuracy makes them suitable for heavy duty manufacturing industry jobs. Cold saws are available as automated and manual tools. These machines are stationary and equipped with vices to firmly hold the materials in position. The saw speed and angle can be adjusted to cut different metals in desired shapes and sizes.dfs

Worldsaw is a leading supplier of heavy duty circular cold saws in the USA. They are marketing SOCO cold saws. These high quality machines are ideal for all kinds of cutting tasks. Different models of manual and automated cold saws are available for a variety of cutting needs of individuals as well as industries. SOCO automated cold saws can be programmed for desired measurements and accuracy, so that they can be used for large scale repetitive cutting jobs. SOCO’s advanced automated cold saws are equipped with user friendly software to manage cutting process. A wide range of products and further information are available on the worldsaw website.