The word Boho is the short form of Bohemian. Boho chic style is a kind of women’s fashion which is influenced from Bohemian and hippie styles. This fashion has gained popularity from 2005, when actor Sienna Miller appeared in Bohemian style for a movie. However, the fashion has been around since the 50s. Boho chic clothing is a mixture of hippie, vintage styles with simple modern designs. Preserving natural looks is the key to Boho chic fashion. Dress designs, accessories and make up are chosen in a way that it looks natural for the person who wears it.

The Boho chic dresses enhance the attitude of a free spirited woman with retro vintage fashion along with free flowing modern bits. These dresses are usually made from natural materials like cotton, linen, bedding, etc. The cloths are made of layers, which are flowing, breezy and looks easy. A lot of women find it fun to wear Boho chic dresses. However, they are not suitable for everyone. These retro design clothing is ideal for people who like easy and free spirited looks. This kind of clothing is very comfortable and good looking. Freely flowing layers and baggy styled designs are the main attraction of Boho Chic designs.


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