Dedicated server web hosting and shared web hosting are the two major types of web hosting services. A type of internet hosting in which all the accounts must share the available resources and information with other members on a single server is known as shared web hosting. A type of internet hosting in which the client is able to hire an entire server which is not shared or connected with any other servers is known as a dedicated server. In a dedicated server web hosting, the client is free to make any changes to the server and have the choice of selecting the hardware and operating system. There are a lot of   cheap dedicated servers   providers available throughout the world.



All the personal information stored in a shared web hosting server will be confidential, but you can only store a limited amount of data due to the lack of disk space. As all know, there are a lot of computers and accounts are connected to a shared web hosting server, the speed and CPU time will get reduced. This will be annoying for most of the customers. However, with the introduction of dedicated servers, this problem has been resolved to a greater extent. Only the client will be able to access all the data and information stored in a dedicated server. Normally the operating cost and maintenance cost of a dedicated server are much greater than the shared web hosting server.



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