The process of cutting and smoothening the edges and corners of any metal or wooden materials is known as chamfering. Nowadays, a lot of chamfering equipment and machines are available. A   Cold Saws   is equipment that is used for chamfering the metals. There are a lot of chamfering instruments and equipment is available in the market. However, it is always recommended to buy the best chamfering equipment only from a trusted dealer. One of the most popular manufacturers of chamfering equipment and machineries is the SOCO Machinery Co. The SOCO Machinery Co along with the worldsaw website provides the best and customized chamfering instruments and accessories.



Single end chamfering equipment and double end chamfering equipment are the two major types of chamfering equipment. In a single end chamfering equipment, only one side of a metallic pipe can be chamfered. In case of a double end chamfering machine, the chamfering process can be done at both ends simultaneously. Therefore, the double end chamfering equipment is gaining more popularity than the single end chamfering equipment. Single end chamfering equipment is normally used for small scale works.



The double end chamfering equipment is ideal for working lengths from 25mm to 300mm. By using the absolute length measuring system in the chamfering equipment, it is possible to program the cutting length and chamfering length in the machine itself. This will reduce the work load over the machine operator. More information and resources about chamfering equipment and machines will be easily available from the worldsaw website.