The objective evaluation and review of data and network designs of an organization to find whether it is functioning or not is known as the  Application security  . It is a daily working process because it should remove vulnerabilities and threats that attacks your network daily. Your software may be safe for a few days. However, more and more threats and viruses are being generated daily that can harm your network. Therefore, it is essential to get some updates for your software. The network assessment will helps to identify and review if any, potential security breaches are present in the network.



Some of the inevitable features of network assessments are scanning the internal and external networking systems automatically, smart service recognition, non-destructive and effective scanning to prevent the normal working of the network and a two level review system to ensure the safety and security of the network. This type of assessments should be done monthly in order to ensure safety and security. New threats and viruses are discovered daily. It can only be prevented by using internet assessments. Reviewing and testing your network on a regular basis helps to find and reduce the possible damages that can harm your network and thus by affecting your business negatively.



There are a lot of firms providing the network assessment service these days. However, the best services in this field are provided by the Sentek Global Company. They can handle any type of vulnerabilities and viruses that may probably make damages to the network. They will check your network on a regular basis and collects the detailed information about any threats if present. For getting more information regarding their services and network assessment, you can simply login to the sentekglobal website. You can also use their chat facility available from the website or call their customer care call center for getting instant help.