A molecule which is made up of two or more amino acids is known as the peptide. The peptides are smaller than the proteins. The peptides contain less than 50 monomer units. If the number of monomer units is greater than 50, then it is known as protein. In the human body, peptides help in healing, fight against infection and rebuild the tissues. Therefore, the peptides are having a wide range of opportunities in the medical field. The peptides are used in anti-ageing creams and antimicrobial treatments. There are a number of factories that provides   buy peptides .

Sun burns, acne and injuries can be treated by using peptides. It can be used as a sweetening material. This sweetening material can be prepared in the laboratory. These sweetening materials are 200 times sweeter than the sugar. Peptides play a crucial role in the metabolic activities in the human body. The peptides are also used for the treatment of many diseases and disorders. Synthetic peptides can be used as probes. In the human body, almost all the metabolic activities occur with the help of peptides. The peptides appear in the human body as hormones and enzymes.

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