Boho chic is a famous fashion style in women’s clothing and accessories. They are heavily influenced from Bohemian and hippie styles. Boho is the short form of Bohemian.   indie clothing stores   is around since the 50s. However, it started to gain more popularity after 2005, when actor Sienna Miller appeared in Boho chic fashion in 2005. It was then widely accepted and fashion designers have made trends with a variety of designs since then.


Boho chic fashion is about looking good and feeling good. This style is most preferred as free, breezy and a lazy way of clothing. The boho chic styling emphasizes the free spirited attitude of a free minded person. Looking natural is the key of Boho chic clothing, the accessories and makeup chosen are kept to a minimum to maintain the overall natural look. The designs often use earth tone colors as well as splashy colors without sacrificing the retro vintage looks. Hippie lines are also preserved.

Boho chic fashion clothing is made from natural materials like cotton, linen, beading, etc. The dresses are usually consist of a lot of layers which look easy and free. Comfortable, freely flowing and baggy outfits are a common variety of Boho chic clothing. However, some people prefer tighter fitting variants well. Some people prefer Boho Chic dresses because of the environment friendly materials to make them. Cotton and hemp are very commonly used to make this style of clothes because they feel very nice and comfortable to the skin. Fashion designers follow some guidelines when designing Boho chic dresses. There are no specific rules followed in designing them.

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