A fashion accessory that is worn over the head at many occasions is known as a hat. There are a lot of hats available which are having different shapes and sizes. A hat is not only a fashion accessory, but it is also used at ceremonial functions, religious functions and many other functions. A hard hat used by the construction workers and military officials helps to protect their head from external shocks. A lot of variety of hats is available these days. One of the most popular types of hats is the snapback hats. In the snapback hats category, the   bucket hat  is the most popular form. It is mainly used by the youngsters at various random occasions.



In a 5 panel hat, the strap is fixed at the back of the hat. The strap may be fasten, Velcro or buckle fixed. This category of hats is made up of 5 large panels instead of 6.TWOThe popularity and demand for such hats are becoming more. As the demand is increasing day by day, a lot of companies are manufacturing such hats. There are a number of conventional stores as well as online stores that supply these hats at really less costs. For the past few years, these 5 panels have gone from a niche to an essential component in the day to day life of an individual. These hats are one of the major reasons why many of the hat stores are gaining more popularity and profit.