A hat is an accessory that is used to cover the head from the different climatic conditions. There is a huge set of variety hats are available these days. One of the most popular types of hats that are worn by both children and adults is the   5 panel  . They are also known as the fishing hats. These hats are normally made from soft materials like cotton. These types of hats have a circular rim with a downwards sloping brim. This downward circular rim made this type of hats unique and special from other hats. Nowadays, these hats are used by the youngsters as a high fashion accessory in various occasions.



The downward circular rim protects the eyes and face from the heat and light of the sun. Due to the durability and protective nature, a bucket hat is mainly used for outdoor activities like fishing, mountain climbing, playing golf, etc. Over the last 50 years, these hats are worn by people of all ages throughout the world. Due to the increase in popularity of these hats, a lot of conventional as well as online stores are started to provide these hats at low prices. One of the most popular and widely known online store that sells all types of hats and accessories is the TWO Face store.



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