It is a fact in the gambling industry that a lot of bookmakers fail to stay for a long period of time. But the scenario of Centrebet has been absolutely different and it is reassuring for a lot of people that Centrebet has been in the online betting industry for almost 17 years. More specifically,  Reliable centrebet  reviews   is the first bookmaker that was licensed in Australia in the year 1993. The company was bought out by its largest competitor known as SportsOdds Group in the year 2003 for an amount of forty six million. But the name of the company was not changed by SportsOdds and it remained Centrebet as it was a really trustworthy name for all their clients and earned appreciable equity within this period of time.

Initially the company was misrepresented as a betting exchange; while actually, it was a bookmaker agency whose headquarters are in Netherlands. The company is licensed over the whole northern territory of Australia. The betting options that are provided byCentrebet include racing, sports, Casino, poker and other skilled games. The live betting options have become available for the people, which have increased the opportunity for putting more and more bets on the go. The minimum amount of bet that can be done is only of $1 over the internet from PC while the minimum amount for live betting over phone is $5. You can deposit any amount of money in your account by using Credit card, bank transfers, Moneybookers and Cheque. One of the beneficial features of Centrebet is, the company accepts currencies from a lot of countries like Australia, Europe, Canada, United States, China and New Zealand.

There is a huge variety of options that you can bet upon. It is not limited to sports or racing only. The betting options include golf, tennis, American football, soccer and also betting lines are available for federal elections and the winner of reality shows. The software that is used by Centrebet is really easy to use which makes it more convenient in comparison to other betting platforms. The company runs a lot of comprehensive test which help them understand the feedback of the customers if any problem occurs while continuing a bet. The 24 hours customer care services are present not only for the online betting sites but also for the live betting options that are done on mobile phones.