Compex is an electrical muscle stimulator for inducing our muscle tissues at the time of doing exercise.    water filter     device mainly is used for athletic purpose for making strong and stiff muscles for good performance. It functions to stimulate our brain and skeletal muscles. What it does is it rejuvenates the motor neurons that make the muscle stimulation. This device also parts in the recovery of muscle injuries. Researchers say that through constant use of electric stimulations in muscles helps to increase muscle tissue production and alleviate muscle fatigue. Therefore, these devices have now got an increasing demand among the people.


Compex Performance is a neuro stimulator that helps to contract a particular muscle which results in increase in muscle temperature and blood flow. As a result, muscles get contracted very fast. Between two contractions, there will be a delay time or resting time. Regular use of this helps to recovery muscle problems quickly and will get athletic strength. This also helps in curing recurring headaches, limb numbness and back pain. There is one more in this type of device, i.e. Compex sport elite. It is also used for muscle stimulation with varied features. We can now buy these devices through many online sports and fitness sites. Check in Healthmotivation website where we can find these at reasonable price.

First, the Compex performance device pads are placed on position on our muscles which is to be stimulated. It has lead wires and four channels. The wires are connected to the pads that are already fixed on the skin. That forms a complete conducting path and during the treatment a massage type sensation develops on our skin. This is due to the stimulation of motor neurons and in turn contraction of the targeted muscles. In these devices we can set the frequency level. Normally there are three ranges of frequency for stimulating respective motor neurons.

These devices are pre-programmed one for doing three kinds of processes such as warm up, strengthening and recovery. Any muscle tissues can be re-energized by this Compex performance device. For better result, one has to use this three times in a week. One can incorporate this in daily exercise for getting great strength and quick recovery. Some chiropractors include this in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, muscle spasms, muscle regeneration. There are also other programs preset in it which includes pre-warm up, active recovery, massage etc. For more details, check on Healthmotivation website.