Dedicated server or managed server is a computer system which includes all the necessary software and hardware elements for a company’s hosting needs. It is solely working for serving the needs of a network. Dedicated servers are meant to be working for a particular company and not to be shared with anyone else.  Dedicated servers are mainly used for hosting websites which have a considerable amount of traffic. Dedicated servers can be customized to fulfil the requirements of the clients. The client has the freedom to choose the hardware and software components.

Dedicated servers usually built to meet the requirements of the client. Most of the hosting companies will allow the client to choose the necessary features. Clients just need to pay for what they want. The client will have the option to choose the memory and bandwidth capacity of the server. Also the client can choose the operating system and other software applications. The highly customizable nature of dedicated servers allows programmers to implement their own applications with ease.

You can find a very large number of affordable dedicated server providers if you search on the internet. These   cheap server   are good enough to provide the necessary features for websites with decent traffic. Most of the hosting services take care of everything related to the server such as, software management, security measures, resource management, technical support, reliability, etc. Providers must ensure security of the server, since clients are likely to store large amount of sensitive data. A skilled technical support is necessary to maintain the smooth working of the server. Poor technical support can be resulted in the crashing of a live website. Security and technical support are very important in the case of dedicated servers.

Most of the cheap servers offer a variety of features to the client. They charge the clients based on the hardware, software and bandwidth packages selected. Additional features can be selected if necessary. Tough competition in the field of dedicated servers helped the clients to choose from a variety of innovative services and features at affordable prices.


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