Electro stimulation is an essential part of physiotherapy and pain management treatments. It is a method used by physiotherapists for many years. The method uses electric current for the excitation and activation of certain muscles in the human body. It can stabilize the muscle tissues and strengthen those using electrical pulses. It can be used for the treatment or prevention of injuries as well as to improve athletic performance. Electro stimulation devices are used by physiotherapists, coaches and athletes for pain relief and training purposes. These devices can produce electric impulses that can be adjusted in different ways. The intensity, frequency and pulse length can be altered as required. This offers many more possibilities to the athlete.


Electro stimulation devices can be used as a training tool; it can assist muscle development and strengthening as well as increasing the speed and resistance of certain muscles. However, Electrostimulation devices can have some side effects. Use of such devices is not recommended for pregnant women, people who use pace maker, children, patients suffering from epilepsy or hypersensitivity, people with wounds, etc. Electro stimulation can be more effective if it can be combined with conventional training methods. It can help to increase more load on muscles which leads to more workouts. The main advantage of electro stimulation device is that, it can be done from home. You can buy electro stimulation devices from different manufacturers.

Compex performance model and   water filter   model are two electro stimulation devices from heamotivation. These devices can help to improve muscle performance. Compex sport elite can create muscle contractions, which is a kind of an exercise to muscles. These highly programmable and light devices can help you to do more work out than normal. More details about Compex performance model and Compex sport elite model are available on the heamotivation website.