Freeze drying food processing is the removal of water content of a food without altering its basic structure and nutrition. This process can help the food to stay longer without deteriorating its taste and character. The freeze drying process has a very less effect on the nature of the food compared to other dehydration processes. It prevents the bacteria and enzymes from altering the properties of food and help it to last for a longer period of time. The process can also reduce the weight of the food item dramatically, which makes them easy to store and transport. This property makes freeze dried emergency food ideal for military, space projects, adventure trips and emergency situations.

The freeze dried technique directly transfers the ice content to vapour from a frozen food item. Bypassing the liquid state helps it to maintain original properties. The food can be reverted back to the original state by adding water. The process usually removes 90% – 95% of water content of the food item, which slows down the bacterial activity almost to zero. However, it is extremely difficult to stop the bacterial activity completely.

Freeze dried emergency food can help in emergency situations like natural disasters. It is an intelligent idea to stock   More info on freeze dried emergency food   items, because disasters can strike any time. These food items come in convenient sealed packages in various sizes. This makes it very convenient to be stored in places like shelves, cars, trucks, boats or anywhere.


FreezeDriedEmergencyFoods is an American firm who markets freeze dried food products. The company sells freeze dried food products than can be stored up to 25 years in shelf. They market high quality freeze fried food products in a variety of sealed buckets for easy storage and transportation. Further information can be found on the freezedriedemergencyfoods website.