Freeze drying is the process of removing water from a material without altering its basic structure and composition. The method is usually used for removing moisture content from food items. This process can help the food to last longer without spoiling its taste and nutritional content. It has less effect on food compared to normal dehydration methods. It prevents bacteria from spoiling the food. Freeze drying technique reduces the weight of the food substantially, which makes them easy to transport. Military, NASA, camping companies and similar groups choose click here   due to its long lasting nature and light weight.


In freeze dried technique, the food is first frozen and placed in vacuum, in order to turn the ice from the food directly into vapour. The process works extremely well with fruits and food items. It generally removes 90% – 95% of water from the food, which slows down the bacteria activity. However, the bacterial activity cannot be completely stopped. Adding water on freeze dried food can bring back the original properties of the food.

Freeze dried emergency food can be a life saver in emergency situations. It can be a great idea to store freeze dried food items, because you don’t know when disaster strikes. Storing freeze dried food is an easy way to survive in any emergency situation. These food items come in sealed packages which can be stored anywhere like home, cars, trucks, boats, office or virtually anywhere. The food can be prepared by adding water into it.

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