Many people are trying to get rid of the smoking habit they have. It is a known thing that smoking can cause serious problems to the health. There is various health issues associated with smoking. However, stopping the habit is not an easy thing. It needs good strength of mind, clarity to the purpose and a good de-addiction plan. There have been various studies and researches done by scientists all over the world to come uop with an effective styrategy to cure the smoking habit in men. One of the best intentions regarding this purpose is the electronic cigarette or the e cigarette.


The e cigatrette has been a revelation in the market when it was first introduced. Since the small gadget looks like normal cigarette and also provides similar effects of smoking, it is widely sought by smokers who want to get rid of the habit. The main ingreedient inside the gadget is the   eliquid  , which on heating by the atomiser present there produces a thick white vapor. The e-juice contains a small amount of nicotine to provide the effect of smoking to men. The benefit of this gadget in reducing smoking in men is that the nicotine content can be controlled and the level can be decreased considerably with time.

The main content of the e-juice is propylene glycol or PG and Vegetable glycerine or VG. The content is mixed with various flavors and nicotine content. You can use the liquid in your electronic cigarette and get the effect of smoking with minimal side effects. There are various sttores all over the world providing the components of e-cig these days. Since the popularity of the gadget is growing day by day, various firms are now knowing its importance and thereby coming to the market wit the components. It is a proven fact that people tend to lose their smoking habit or reduce smoking with the use of the gadget.

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