A cold saw is a cutting tool having a circular blade, especially used to cut metals. The blade is made up of iron or steel which rotates at a high speed to cut the metal parts. Another important factor of all the  SOCO Saws  is its portable feature. Cold saws are easy to handle and can be hand held. It can be taken to the work site along with other tools. These tools are mainly used to cut reinforcement bars and other metallic materials at a construction site. Unlike other saws, the cold saws are manufactured with extreme care and attention to protect the surface of the blade.



There are a lot of varieties of cold saws. Two main saws under this category are ferrous and non ferrous saws. The ferrous saws are mainly used in industries for heavy cutting of metals. However, the non ferrous saws are high speed saws helps to give a better smooth surface to the metal after cutting. It is quiet difficult to cut metallic parts in a desired shape using such saws having circular cutting blade. Both ferrous and non ferrous saws come with a lot of shapes and sizes. The quality of such saws is desired by the strength and number of its cutting teeth. If the number of cutting teeth is high, the efficiency of the blade will also be high.



A lot of firms provide the sales and repairing services for saws. They help to reshape and retooth the blades of the saws. The SOCO Machinery Co is the firm which delivers their higher quality products at reliable costs. The trained technicians in the firm helps to provide their superior service through the distribution of machinery and equipments manufactured in their own industries. The firm helps to provide customized products if the customers are not able to get saws that they were looking for.



The company also supplies high quality carbide tipped saw blades for the cold saws. Online shopping will be available for all types of saws through the worldsaw website. Local customers can call their office for ordering saws. However, others can order it through the website or by sending an email with the description for customized saws.



More information and descriptions about the saws and their services are available from the worldsaw website. You can also use the chat service available in their website or their customer care call centre phone number to get a free quote.