The Cannabidiol or CBD is an extract from the Cannabis plant. Cannabis plant is known for its involvement for creating drug substances. The drugs such as marijuana and hashish are extracted from the cannabis plant. The plant is more known doe its involvement in drugs and other illegal substances, but the wider scope of medical applications provided by the plants is not at all known by various people. The THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is an ingredient in the plants that is providing the chemical effects due to the use of marijuana and hashish. The high concentration of THC causes problems like mental illusions and hallucinations, and thereby making it a dangerous thing to use. However, studies have provide that another ingredient in the plant known as the CBD or Cannabidiol possess capability to treat various diseases and can be used widely in medical applications.

The cannabis plant is source to various compounds. You can find more than 85 types of active cannabinoids in the plant itself. It is proven that the CBD content in plants can be extracted to be applied in various treatments. Tests and studies have shown that the THC content in the plant is causing recreational effects in people. The CBD content will not make a person high and also provides various benefits in medical field. Studies are ongoing to find more benefits of the compound. Scientists are already using CBD oil to treat various problems. You can reduce nausea and vomiting with the use of the product. CBD oil also acts as a way to treat neurodegenerative disorders as it can act as an effective anti-oxidant. Treatment of cancerous cells is also being done with it these days. cou

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