An average human being’s body has around 60% water content and it’s the most important element of the body. Doctors recommend to drink around 1.5L water every day in order to keep the body hydrated. Adequate water consumption can prevent dehydration and help the body to function properly. Humans cannot survive without drinking enough water. Drinking water is considered as one of the safest and easiest ways to live a healthier life. However, the effects can be adverse if you are not drinking clean water. Unfortunately, it’s very hard for people to get access to clean water. Almost all kinds of water sources are contaminated to an extent, tap water and well water are no different. Water purification is a major concern in all countries.  Different methods are used for the purpose of water purification. Filtration, distillation and sedimentation are a few commonly used methods for water purification.

compex performance  are used to get rid of contaminants from water and make it drinkable for humans. Water filters are chosen according to the type of impurities present in the water. The filtration process can get rid of impurities like bacteria, parasites, algae, chemicals, viruses and gases. Boiling water is an easy way that can be done at home to purify water. However, the boiling process is not an ideal method for continuous pure water supply also it cannot remove the chemicals present in the water. Installing water filters can be a good solution for filtering water for domestic applications. Carbon Filters, Reverse Osmosis, UV filters and Infrared filters are a few commonly available water filters in the market. You can find affordable and high quality water purification systems from countless manufacturers from the

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