Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the more than 60 constituents found in cannabis. It belongs to a molecular class known as cannabinoids. Cannabidiol has significant medical values and is non-psychoactive. It can be used for medical treatments without side effects. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the ingredient that makes you high while using marijuana. Cannabidiol does not have the properties of THC, which causes mind altering effects. Studies on animals proven than the Cannabidiol has a variety of medical properties. CBD can be used to reduce the effects of THC. It can be used against the sleep-inducing effects of THC as well as natural protection against marijuana effects.

CBD is considered as an effective anti-pain, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic and anti-inflammatory medicine. It also has the medicinal values to be used as a treatment for arthritis, diabetes, epilepsy, neurological disorders, etc. The scope of CBD as a treatment for cancer is being investigated by researchers around the world. It has been found that CBD can control a gene called ID-1 which causes cancer.


CBD oil is considered as an effective medicine produced from industrial hemp. The CBD content of hemp has the same properties of CBD content of cannabis. CBD oils are usually considered as safe CBD medicine. No serious side effects have been recorded over the years by the use of CBD oils.  However, some people may experience mild stomach pain for a very short period of time.

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