A chamfering machine is an industrial equipment which is used to chamfer work metal into useful shapes. It is most commonly used for chamfering and bevelling pipe edges for a variety of industrial purposes. A   pipe chamfering machine   is mostly used in the manufacturing industry where metals need to be chamfered into desired shapes and sizes. They are ideal for heavy duty works, where high quality and precision machining is required. Chamfering machines are meant to last longer and they are made of high quality and precision materials. These machines work faster than handheld grinding, torching or other portable machines. Their advantages include safe, accurate machining and bevelling, sturdiness and low running costs. A Chamfering machine is an invaluable tool for heavy duty pipe chamfering works.


Companies prefer automated pipe bevelling and chamfering because they can help to save time dramatically, they are safer than other portable machines. These machines can be handled by non-skilled technicians once it is set up and are very cheap to operate compared to other handheld machines, cutter height can be quickly adjusted and has electronically adjustable speed drive. Chamfering machines are available for pipes ranging from “½ to 8”. They can simultaneously chamfer inside and outside of pipes with high precision.

Worldsaw is a distributor of SOCO chamfering machines in the USA. They are well known for delivering high quality heavy duty industrial equipment. They market variety of chamfering tools for a variety of industrial purposes. Single End Chamfering machines and Double End chamfering machines are available with Worldsaw. These high quality semi-automatic machines deliver exceptional quality and accuracy. They market chamfering machines in 3 different series, namely EF, DEF and FM series. The FM series machines are capable of chamfering both ends of pipes simultaneously with high accuracy. More information about SOLO chamfering machines are available on the worldsaw website.