Chamfering machines and pipe bevelling are essential tools for the manufacturing industry. They make the chamfering and bevelling jobs faster and easier  Cold Saws . These machines are faster and safer than portable handheld tools. Operation of a tube chamfering machine is easier than hand grinding and torching methods. Running cost of chamfering machines is a lot cheaper than handheld machines. These machines are suitable for heavy industry, delivers exceptional accuracy and quality. A tube chamfering machine is made with high quality materials, so that they last long which makes them ideal for heavy duty manufacturing purposes.


Companies prefer automated pipe chamfering machines because they deliver outstanding quality of work, very fast, safe and comparatively lower running cost. Chamfering machines can be used to chamfer pipes ranging from ½” up to 8” with extreme accuracy. They can chamfer a tube’s inside and outside simultaneously, the cutter height and speed are adjustable. Chamfering the pipes can help them to be easily welded together for a variety of jobs.

Worldsaw is a well-known for distributing heavy duty SOCO chamfering machines in the USA. They market Single End Chamfering machines and Double End chamfering machines in 3 different series viz. EF, DEF and FM series. These high quality semi-automatic machines are known for delivering exceptional quality and accuracy for all kinds of pipe chamfering jobs. The FM series machines can simultaneously chamfer both ends of tubes with high accuracy. More details about the SOLO product line and chamfering tools are available on the worldsaw website.