Hypnotherapy can help persons to relax their mind, reduce depression and anxiety. It is a powerful psychotherapeutic tool which can help persons to make changes in their lives. Hypnotherapy is a mutual process between the hypnotherapist and the client. A person cannot be hypnotized without his or her cooperation. The job of the hypnotherapist is to help persons to relax their mind, reduce anxiety and to quit habits like smoking.

The first stage of hypnotherapy is to understand the person’s issues by having an informal chat and asking some questions. This will give the therapist an idea of the nature and what route should be taken to help the person. Hypnosis is the next stage. During hypnosis, nobody can make the person do things he or she don not want. They can still be able to stop the process whenever they want. During the process the person will be in a trance state with his or her mind relaxed and anxieties reduced. At this stage, they will have access to their subconscious mind, which can help you to address and resolve issues which are beyond the capacity of conscious mind.


Any person can be hypnotized, but only if they want to. The person will always remain in full control of their mind. Hypnotherapy can be done even if you are taking any medical treatment. Make sure you inform the therapist about the medical treatment you are undergoing. A normal session of hypnotherapy lasts 45-60 minutes. Some people can feel the difference in one session, but in normal cases 5 to 6 sessions are required for an average person to have desired changes. However, it may take more sessions for achieving your desired goals and changes. The whole process is natural, drug free and completely safe.

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