Homeopathic hcg    is an extremely diluted version of the HCG hormone. Micro-dosed diluted homeopathic medicines are considered as safe. HCG stands for Human chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG helps you to lose weight without any side effects. It is effective for both genders. Full strength HCG cannot aid in weight loss. However, diluted homeopathic HCG doses can help weight loss. A Popular form of diluted HCG for weight loss is a liquid mixture which comes in bottles and contains fat burning chemicals and herbs. However, the addition of other substances may reduce the effectiveness of HCG. Diluted HCG helps the human body to burn excessive fat by putting body to an ideal state for it to work.


HCG drops treatment is a newer method of obesity treatment, but it has gained a lot of popularity in some circles. The advantages of using diluted HCG is that it doesn’t require additional exercises, rapid weight loss, effective burning of fat without affecting muscles and has no side effects at all. It does not require any prescription. It is recommended to follow a diet plan while taking diluted HCG drops. It is recommended to consume 500 calories per day during the course of medicine. In most cases the HCG drops are taken under the tongue for faster absorption.

The HCG treatment is recommended for almost everyone. However, people with heart deceases, pregnant women, young children and people with Diabetes type are not recommended to take HCG medicines. You can take the medicine up to six weeks and continue the cycle after taking a 3 week break if necessary. Simply Slim Homeopathic HCG is a known brand is the bestselling HCG medicine in the last 4 years. They produce a variety of diluted HCG medicines which are perfect for weight loss. More information about Simply Slim HCG drops can be found on the hcgdietcomplete website.