Lots of lotions and creams can be found in the marketplace for keeping the moisture content of the hands. Dark spots will be the key issues that spoil the expression of your hands. It is a most common issue which can be worked out easily through the use of a great hand lotion. It’s not a simple job to find a very good moisturizing creme or lotion for hands. Among the major causes for the dark spots in the hands is a result of the over exposure to the harmful UV rays in the sun.

The UV beams also stimulate the creation of Melanin. Melanin is a coloring pigment that is in charge of the colour of your skin  air purifier . Because of the activity of UV rays, the creation of melanin gets raised and get deposited in the top layer of your skin. This surplus deposit leads to the formation of dark spots and wrinkles. Just a great hand lotion can reduce these spots and dark wrinkles in the hands.
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