For a company, whether it is private or public, making its computer system secure and safe is the prime need.        vulnerability assessment   or otherwise known as cyber security is some measures that a company adopt to protect their cyber system. If there is no such measures, the rivals can hack or attack the system easily which will result in data loss and even a complete suspension. Therefore, a company should take appropriate cyber security measures for securing their computer system. A secure system means a user has to go through various layers of security before reaching the destination network. It is said that, the more layers, the more safe it is.


Usually in charge of network security is the system administrator who only has the privilege to maintain the system operations. He only can access the mainframe server and its associated terminals. So others at the office cannot enter into it and access or change the data over the networks. The admin will apply a secure firewall which has an encryption layer to stop the entry of an unauthorized person or program. Usually, all computers block some websites which contain malicious codes that may damage their whole system. But sometimes it is very difficult to maintain the security issues.

Flexibility is the main problem found in network security measures. Therefore, company leaders and the employees have to part together for making more secure computer networks. There are many services now which assist in providing the networking security for a cyber-system. One such affordable service is Sentek Global. They do complex information systems and cyber security services that result in the high end system integrity and performance in a company. They provide services to government sector by securing our nation’s most sensitive systems. Sentekians are well versed in doing information operations concepts as a part of cyber security.

Network Security Services provides penetration tests, vulnerability assessment for identifying internal-external attackers, cloud risk assessment, social exposure intelligence, and other security solution for enterprises. Multi-layered measures are the best defense against the cyber breaches. For keeping the network safe and secure, a company should essentially need firewalls with no access points, frequent updating of security measures and installation of anti-adware at very first and qualified-experienced system administrators.  Sentek Global is a full dedicated team for doing these services. They provide risk managements, program security development, reseller services, go-to-market strategies as a part of cyber security measures.