It is really essential to protect your computer and network from viruses and malware. Most of the hackers try to enter the malicious code for hacking. This occurs due to the carelessness or using an expired network protection software. The security software providing firm can overcome the hacking problems by upgrading their software after conducting   penetration testing . A penetration test is a type of hacking conducted by the software developers in order to find the security weakness and potentially gaining access to the network through these weaknesses. Almost all software companies use this service to ensure the safety of the software and network.



The security threats may occur due to the presence of some security holes somewhere in the network. The main objectives of the penetration testing techniques is to find those security holes and provide the necessary measures to prevent such security problems. Most of the hackers are experts in finding such security holes. Therefore, it is essential to do some remedial measures to stop such attacks from hackers and malware. The only difference between real hacking and penetration testing is that, real hacking is done by a hacker with an intention of making problems to the network. However, the professionals with an intention of preventing the activities of hackers are done in a penetration test.



There are a lot of firms helps to provide security through penetration testing. The best service is provided by the Sentek Global Company. More information regarding any type of network security systems is available from the sentekglobal website.