Some people make up excuses to not do something rather than find reasons to do something. Some people choose to look at the bad side of everyone and everything rather than to find, embrace and enjoy the good things that life has to offer. Some people may be afraid of success and do things deliberately to sabotage their own chances.

Some people who have   free xbox live gold membership    will do things in the community that will result in their expulsion, either temporarily or permanently, preventing them from enjoying all its benefits. The following are suggestions that you follow so that you can continue to enjoy the premium services that you have come to know and enjoy.


  • Yes, it can be easier to be angry and abusive toward someone you do not see and know than it is to be toward someone you do see and know. However, the rules and results of proper decorum are the same. Moreover, people online often want to temporarily escape from the frustrations of real life. Do not add to the burden by bullying or trolling; you could be banned.
  • Just as you may see signs of being a bully in your own life, you must realize that others may also be harmful. There are criminals in real life and there are scammers online and in communities, forums and social media. While playing, if you become aware that your opponents may be cheaters or scammers then merely walk away. Yes, it may hurt your game stats in the short run but you do not want to be associated with scammers.
  • In general, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and you can enjoy staying on Xbox Live Gold.