Food is essential for every living creature; one cannot survive without consuming food. In emergency situations, people may not have access to food, which reduces the chance for survival. Storing   know more about   can be helpful in an emergency situation. Freeze dried technique removes the water content of the food item to stop the bacterial activity so that it can last longer. The process will not spoil the food’s basic structure, taste or nutritional values. Freeze dried technique removes more than 90% water content of the food, which dramatically reduces the bacterial activity and help the food to last longer.


The food is frozen first and the ice content is directly turned into vapour without changing to liquid state. This helps the food to maintain the taste and its basic structure. The food can be recovered back to the original state by adding water into it. Freeze dried emergency food is most commonly used by astronauts, militants, camping groups and people who survive in extreme situations. Removal of water makes the food products light and makes them easy to be transported.

FreezeDriedEmergencyFoods is a firm based in the USA, who makes freeze dried foods. They are marketing freeze dried foods which can be stored on shelves for almost 25 years. The freeze dried food products they make are easy to prepare by adding water, the taste is maintained, healthy and balanced diet and comes in convenient packages. Further information can be found on freezedriedemergencyfoods website.