There are benefits of Xbox Live Gold membership that are elaborate, specific and unique. Once you have your   free xbox live codes  , you can use your membership in ways that you may have never thought possible.

  • One of the best ways is through a family package. Every family engages in family games of some type. Earlier, it could have been dominoes, croquet, board games or others. Now, it is often through video games. One game offered through Xbox is a version of Pac-Man that will surely appeal to parents and children alike. A family that plays together stays together. The family package lasts one year.xl
  • The membership allows you to play more than one player in a game. This is different from many board games but similar to other games, sports and real life. It allows you to enhance your play by providing access to a variety of opponents. At the same time, the games you participate in will be ranked and will guide you to players with similar capabilities. After all, if you are a top-ranked player then you do not want to play a duffer, and if you are a beginner then you do not want to play an expert as you would be setting yourself up for failure.
  • You can preview games before they are available to others (to people who are not on Xbox Live). It is always intriguing and an honor to see and experience something before others can do that. It is like being invited to a premier of a film.
  • In addition, you can stream many movies and shows, as well as HD content.