The e-Cigarette or e- Cig is a battery powered electronic devices which is used as personal vaporizer (PV). It vaporizes a special liquid so that the user can inhale it like smoking with a regular cigarette. The liquid used in an e-cig is known as  e-liquid  or ejuice. Unlike conventional cigarettes, eliquid do not necessarily contain nicotine. Sales of e-cigs are increasing rapidly across the globe. The merits and demerits of using e-cigs are still unknown. A handful studies shows little evidence to claim that it’s safer than conventional cigarettes.


E-cigs are often used by chain smokers for smoking cessation. However, no government has approved the usage of e-cigs for the purpose of smoking cessation.  There are cases where people get addicted to e-cigs. E-cigs consists of a battery and a heating element that vaporizes e-liquid. E-cigs come in different sizes and shapes, however in general they look like regular cigarettes. Using e-cigs cannot be referred as smoking since they do not produce any kind of smoke. The e-liquid used in e-cigs is a mix of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, flavors and distilled water if needed for dilution. Nicotine content in e-liquid solution depends on strength required. Manufacturers often allow users to choose the required amount of nicotine content and flavorings to their taste.

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