When you want a locksmith or serrurier, you want not just a good locksmith but also a reliable one. Here are some suggestions in finding one.

  • The locksmith ought to be nearby. This helps both you and the locksmith. It helps you because you do not have to travel so far (if you have a small box, suitcase or trunk that needs opening) and helps the locksmith. The locksmith may refuse to help you if you are too far away, or may charge extra for the distance. By being in the neighbourhood, you can more easily maintain rapport with the locksmith, which will help you in your future needs.
  • Get referrals from family, friends and colleagues. It should be noted spdthat they may not be as diligent as you are and may not have had successful interactions with a locksmith, nor developed a relationship with one. Nevertheless, this is an adequate place to start.
  • Get reviews. You can find locksmiths in your area through the Local tab of Google+. Many of them will also be ranked and reviewed. Be aware though, that if a review is overly praiseworthy then it could be a paid review. If a review was overly critical then it could be just personal animosity on the part of the reviewer. What you are looking for is trends, and an overall good number of reviews with a better than average ranking.
  • You definitely want one that is knowledgeable about auto and their locks. You want a good, all-round locksmith.

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