Things are things. However, things are similar, yet different on the computer than they are otherwise. For example, many years ago, if you wanted to look for a place to rent or buy then you would look through the newspapers. Now, you look for them through various websites. Earlier, you would get your monthly bank statement through the mail. Now, you get them online.

If you are interested in the sport of bowling then you want to play against other people who have that passion and, hopefully, to become friends with them. Now that you have your free xbox live codes, you will want to play against people who enjoy the games that you do and, hopefully, to become friends with them.

However, interacting with people online can be different from real life. It is very easy to become angry and abusive toward people you do not see and know. However, the concept of friendship is still the same, and the following will help you gain and keep friends on Xbox Live.


  • Slowly, add friends to your friends list. Just as in life, this needs to be based on a variety of factors. If you add friends simply because you can beat them in a certain game, or merely because both of you enjoy a certain game, then it can be more work than it is worth. If you do and if you are a devout Catholic (for example) and your “friend” turns out to be an atheist then you will probably regret adding him or her.
  • Be nice. This is especially pertinent online, where people often go to escape from their troubles; they do not want additional problems.
  • Maintain the relationship. Make a concerted effort to play against them frequently, but not too frequently. (You do not want to appear as a pest.) A good rule of thumb is to play at least once every two weeks.

Do not worry. With your   free xbox live gold membership  , you have plenty of time to make friends.